Krill YAK 55M-37%

Krill YAK 55M-37%

Krill YAK 55M-37%

YAK 55M-37%
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For this year, togehter with Gernot Bruckman, we have preparred some changes for our YAK 55 M.

We get a lot of ideas and experienes about the YAK55M from our pilots untill now. Airplane is very good for pattern and 3D flying too. A lot of pepoles like it because is very very clear. So we took this ideas and made some small changes with his set up and material use too. Now we get stronger and lighter airplane will still more better fly characteristis.  

Perhaps the most welcomed change is we have started to use wing tube instead of wing spar. This the wing in more stronger because inside are two wing spars. Anodized aluminum tube will provide even more strength, then spar.

So no more spars stickng out of wing bags.

We are also introducing new 3D ailerons. About 30% more area then regular ones, center hinged and removable.But this comes with a “price”. 4 high torque servos ( JR 8711) per aileron are needed. This way for all which love 3D flying .... roll with this the wings is Amazing !

Also please note that 3D ailerons can only be made to a new set of wings at the time of your order. Unfortunately these cannot be fitted into excisting wings with spars!!

 3D wing 1

And at last, new color designs for 2010 were just introduced. Just click on YAK 55 37%.

Kit includes:

As usual all parts are composite. Canopy glued into a canopy frame, matching your paint scheme.

Wing spars are carbon fiber and aluminum stab tubes are used. Airplane is completely build with all bulkheads glued in place.

  • C/F engine dome (already have a right thrust build in).
  • CNC rudder servo tray.
  • CNC fuel tanks holders.
  • CNC  F/G  horns.
  • Screws,nuts and washers.

Spinner is not included, however we offer a large selection of our spinners you can choose from.

Description of individual parts:

1-Fuselage - vaccuum bagged sandwich with all bulkheads installed for you.

2-Wings - vaccuum bagged sandwich with full span carbon fiber spar. This creates incredible strength and increases lifespan. Each wing was designed for 3 servos, all servo bays are already boxed to eliminate any possible twists when servos are " working".

3-Stab - vaccuum bagged sandwich. Elevator part is attached using a brass rod though F/G hinges. Same way it's done on full size airplanes. 2 servo bays in each half already boxed same way as in the wings.

Stabs are attached to fuselage with 2 alu tubes 18mm dia ( 3/4" ) and secured with 2 x M3 screws from the bottom of the stab.

4-Rudder - vaccuum bagged sandwich, mounted to fin same way as the elevator. For ease of transportation, rudder is removable.  

5-Canopy/frame - only clear canopy is available. Glued into canopy frame for you and matched to your paint scheme.

6-Cowl - vaccuum bagged sandwich. Attached to fuselage using 8-10 screws M4.

7- Landing gear and wheel pants - F/G parts, using our latest technology. Very light and incredibly strong.Wheelpants will accept 130mm ( 5" ) wheels.

This airplane is offered in our new line of designs.Some were designed after full size paint schemes.

But it can also be ordered in basic two tone color scheme, using RAL color chart.

Shipping - within Europe we either deliver to your house or to your nearest international airport, depending on final destination.

Packaging - 1 box..fuselage,stabs, rudder,hardware + 2 box.. wings

Total weight for two boxes is 20kg ( 44 lbs )



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