Jets-Munt VT90BLR

Jets-Munt VT90BLR

Jets-Munt VT90BLR

Turbine 90N
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The popular VT80Bl has now been upgraded to a guaranteed 90N of Thrust, It gets this from a NEW CNC Billet Aluminium Compressor and a few tweaks to compliment it.

This is the second member of our all new generation VT engines, most advanced and user friendly of its class. 

This new generation engine from Jets-Munt reduces the installation to a minimum, greatly reducing the chance of installation errors and wiring failures.

The ecu, of a new generation design, is integrated inside the engine, together with the RPM sensors, temperature sensors and valves.

This revolutionary feature, that is another worldwide first from Jets-Munt, reduces the external components to be installed to only the fuel pump and filter, enabling a very easy swap of the engine between different airframes.

Install kit is reduced to the brushless fuel pump only. Besides all the improvements on electronics, Jets-Munt have made a big investment effort in tooling, procuring and manufacturing processes. This enables a reduction in the total weight and price significantly compared to other engines in its class.

VT90BLR uses our BrushlessPump.

Includes engine and all ancillary accessories needed to run the engine, except the battery. Recomended LiPo 7,4v 2500mAh



Nominal thrust:     95N (21lb) at 152.000 RPM

Idle thrust:                4.6N (<1lb)

Idle RPM:                 40,000

Diameter:                 90mm (3.5”)

Engine weight:         1010g (2.2lb) (including mounting strap)

Installed weight:       1,200g (3lb) including ecu, pump, valves.

Fuel:                        Kerosene +  3% - 5% oil (synthetic 2T motorcycle oil or turbine oil).

Pressure ratio:         3.1 to 1

EGT typ:                 620ºC

Massflow:                180g/sec

Fuel comsumption: 350ml/min at 95N (11,5oz/min at 21lb)

                             200ml/min at 60N (6,6oz/min at 13,1lb)


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