Heat-conducting adhesive (2x2ml), WLK DK 4

Heat-conducting adhesive (2x2ml), WLK DK 4

Heat-conducting adhesive (2x2ml), WLK DK 4

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Heat-conducting adhesive (2x2ml), WLK DK 4
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The heat-conducting adhesive from Fischer Elektronik is suitable for the safe and thermal bonding of electronic components such as high-power LEDs or mechanical components.

It is a temperature-resistant, impact-resistant, solvent-free and thermally conductive epoxy-based two-component adhesive filled with aluminium oxide with a short pot life.

The heat-conducting adhesive bonds porous and non-porous surfaces of metals, glass, ceramic materials and almost all plastics. The mixing (1:1) of hardener and binder is done by a static mixing tube with Luer-Lock system.

Delivery contents:

1 syringe 4ml and 3 mixer WLK M 4.



  • Thermal conductivity 1 W/mK
  • Mixing ratio: 1:1
  • Temperature range: -50° C to +145° C
  • Curing: approx. 16 hours at room temperature, 4 hours at 60° C
  • Further processing: after approx. 4-6 hours (depending on layer thickness)