Emcotec SPS 34V 60/120A

Emcotec SPS 34V 60/120A
  • Emcotec SPS 34V 60/120A
  • Emcotec SPS 34V 60/120A

Emcotec SPS 34V 60/120A

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SPS SafetyPowerSwitch 34V 60 / 120A
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SPS SafetyPowerSwitch 34V 60/120A

Electronic safety power switch for electric power systems. An anti-flash-circuitry prevents the sparks during connecting the battery.

The SPS SafetyPowerSwitch separates the motor from the battery. The electric motor drive remains inactive and therefore non hazardous until activation.

High-class silicone connection cable of 4mm² (AWG11) thickness. 6-fold multilayer-board with up to 9mm² copper width.

For 2S up to 8S LiPo batteries (6V to 34V). 60A continuous current and 120A peak current - perfectly suitable for electric gliders, motor models and helicopters.


Attention: The flash protection function of the SPS does not pre-charge the capacitor within the motor controller! Some manufacturers require the pre-charging of this capacitor. Perhaps the SPS might not work properly in this special case.

Attention: The total capacity of all capacitors inside the ESC including additional capacitors must not exceed the value of 1500µF. In case of doubt ask the ECS's manufacturer.

NOTE: Please see note for charging ESC capacitors in Download section.


NOTE: When using the following Graupner products the galvanic isolation of receiver and drive circuit is not possible. So the SPS Safety Power Switch cannot be used with these modules:

  • Electric Air Module2-14S, Vario HoTT (Item no. 33620)
  • General Engine-Module 2-6S Gr. HoTT (Item no. 33610)
  • General Air-Module 2-6S, Vario Gr. HoTT (Item no. 33611)
  • Voltage Module 2-4S, EH (Item no. 33630)
  • Voltage Module 2-4S, XH (Item no. 33631)

Delivery includes switch actuator with keyring pendant or SPS-RCS, screws and operating instructions.



Suitable batteries (LiPo)2S ... 8S

Voltage range6V ... 34V

Current consumptionmax. 0.5mA, typ. 0.25mA

Permanent current60A

Maximum peak current120A

Verlustleistung bei 50Aapprox. 5W (approx. 0.17%)

Dimensions65 x 30 x 9.3mm (2.56 x 1.18 x 0.37in)

Weight45g (1.59oz)