Emcotec Fueling valve "Air" - black

Emcotec Fueling valve "Air" - black

Emcotec Fueling valve "Air" - black

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These shapely fueling valves made of solid aluminum (anodized color) allow rapid refilling of compressed air tanks in the R/C model. The tank for example for pneumatic landing gears can be filled without the model has to be opened.

For refueling the filler neck (plastic pipe) must be put into the fueling valve. This releases the non-return valve allowing the compressed air to influx. After filling the filler neck can be released. The valve closes automatically and is tight.

The fueling valves can be used for filling as well as for draining the compressed air tank.

Connection to the compressed air tank via high-quality Festo valve.

Warning: Please note that the filler neck may be to become unfastened from the fueling valve due to high pressure. This can lead to injury or damage. So please ensure the filler neck during refueling by retaining at the refueling valve.

Delivery includes filler neck (PTFE pipe), 6 pieces of screws (self cutting), counter flange, EMCOTEC 3D sticker and quick reference.