CARF Shockwave 2,30mt Sport Scheme

CARF Shockwave 2,30mt  Sport Scheme
  • CARF Shockwave 2,30mt  Sport Scheme
  • CARF Shockwave 2,30mt  Sport Scheme
  • CARF Shockwave 2,30mt  Sport Scheme
  • CARF Shockwave 2,30mt  Sport Scheme
  • CARF Shockwave 2,30mt  Sport Scheme

CARF Shockwave 2,30mt Sport Scheme

CARF Shockwave 2,30mt Sport Scheme
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Already well established and known for a long time: The Shockwave

CARF-Models and Elite Aerosports have cooperated for a while behind the scenes. Since the Shockwave is made in the same factory as all the CARF-Models, both companies decided to move a bit closer together. Marketing, selling and supporting our product in a joint effort will be of great benefit for us and our customers alike.

The Shockwave features a painted-in-the-mold process and is highly prefabricated, saving the builder lots of build time. A new "European Version" Shockwave is available now in two stock Sport Schemes. Color swaps on these two schemes will be always possible if custom ordered.

With its 2270 mm wingspan and 2580 mm length fuselage it is one of the largest sport jets available today. The huge flaps and generous amount of wing area provide great stability at any speed and super slow landing approaches that make it easy for even a low time turbine pilot to feel comfortable flying such a large model. The fuselage is a one-piece design as this helps keep the overall weight down and still provides a strong model aircraft that will withstand extreme aerobatics and high G maneuvers. We have thoroughly tested the Shockwave’s flight envelope and it will far exceed that of any of the current sport jet models available to date.

Transportation is easy thanks to a 1-piece stab which is attached to the fuselage with 2 bolts from the underside, an easily removable Vertical fin, which is removable with a single bolt, and slip on wings which ride on a custom carbon fiber double-wall tube.

Please note: These new stock schemes are representing a new "European Version" of the Shockwave. Details on the kit, the fuel cells, the landing gear and pneumatic completion set may be different from the airplane originally selling through Elite Aerosports in the USA!

Fuel Tank

The 3 conformal Kevlar fuel tanks provide a generous 6.8 liters of fuel and 2 liters of smoke oil (1 conformal tank) to satisfy any size motor’s appetite. They are available as an extra pacakge, please see the "Accessories" tab above.




The complete trailing link landing gear is CNC precision machined and features large nose and main wheels that let the Shockwave fly off of the roughest field conditions. Our trailing link landing gear features heavy duty springs, to keep the Shockwave from launching into the air prematurely on take-off due to rough field conditions and helps keep your landings smooth by helping to eliminate the dreaded “bounce” upon touchdown. A pneumatic completion set is avialable as well.



When you power the Shockwave with a 160 N-180 N sized turbine, the short field capabilities is superb due to the low wing loading and high lift combination (17 kg finished weight). We have flown many flights with different turbine combinations and based on our flight testing the 160 N - 180 N range is the ideal combination for your Shockwave.


Apertura alare   90" (2270 mm)

Lunghezza    102" (2580 mm) 

Peso     39Lbs (17 kg) 

Turbina consigliata   160-180 N

min. 8 digital high class servos