Aviation Design SUPER SCORPION ARF white

Aviation Design SUPER SCORPION ARF white

Aviation Design SUPER SCORPION ARF white

Aviation Design SUPER SCORPION
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SUPER Scorpion ARF is our giant sport model. If you like them big, and easy to fly : here is the Super Scorpion. SUPER Scorpion has a unique shape, looking like a real fighter, with his large canopy, 2 side air intakes, twin fins, undiedral stabs and top fuselage airbrake. And it is giant in flight, so incredible at low speed. SUPER Scorpion is designed with special airfoil , giving very good low speed performance and also high speed with full power. It has very gentle stall characteristics. Perfect for beginner or expert pilot. Of course SUPER Scorpion is fully molded in composite, ARF : model is painted in mold, all bulkeads are glued, all control surfaces are hinged. No gluing are required. SUPER Scorpion has a large canopy for an easy access to radio and fuel tank. The large fuselage hatch gives also an excelent access to the turbine, fuel sytem and tailpipe. So radio and engine checking are very easy and are perfect for beginner, for safety and for maintenance. Fuselage hatch is also fitted with an optional airbrake, perfect for short airfield and looks very nice during landing and taxing. Our landing gear have been designed for stronger field operation, with chock absorber struts. The fuselage is in 2 parts, with plug in wings and fin for an easier transporting (very important). Gears are mounted in the fuselage.


Lenght: 101 " (2580mm).

Span: 85' (2160mm).

Weight with turbine: 38 - 40 lbs (17 - 18 kg)

Turbine: 31~40Lb (14~18kg) thrust

SUPER Scorpion ARF model includes :
* High quality epoxy-glass fuselage in 2 parts painted.
* All plywood and wood parts premounted.
* Epoxy glass inlets fitted.
* Fully molded wings, fins and stabs painted.
* Access hatch requiring no additional framework.
* Pre cutted dorsal air brake.
* All hardware (screws, hatch latches, servo covers, ....).
* Aluminium joining tube.
* Instructions in English.

Model comes in 7 versions : · all white painted. · Navy color schem. · Swiss color schem. · Yellow / black crossed. · Silver Blue. · Russian.

Parts required to complete the model :

· Clear canopy + vacuum parts for cockpit.
· Cockpit detail kit for single seat incl. 1/7 jet pilot, 1/7 ejector seat & instrument panel.
· Cockpit detail kit for twin seat incl. 2 jet pilots, 2 ejector seats & instrument panel.
· Deluxe landing gear : complete 3 gears system with 3 oleo legs, all CNC machined with 3 wheels (on bearings) and brakes. All valves and tubing supplied. Very high quality and strong, reliable for grass operation.
· Deluxe landing gear + 2 electrovalve for gear and brakes.
· Air brake set incl. air cylinder & air control system.
· Air brake + electrovalve.
· Kevlar fuel tanks (4.2 liters) incl. tubing, nipples and clunk.
· Kevlar fuel tanks (4.2 liters) + BVM upper tank.
· Smoker kevlar fuel tanks (1.1 liter).
· Stainless steel double walded tailpipe.
· 3D tailpipe.
· Navy decals.