Alewings MAC16 power supply

Alewings MAC16 power supply

Alewings MAC16 power supply

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MAC16 power supply
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MAC16- power supply to manage radio of 16 channels with double voltage for mixed installations of servos at 4,8 and 7,4V. It accepts the input power of 2 power sources including those of different voltage. It feeds the servo output through 2 groups, one for the supply voltage 1 and the other one to supply voltage 2. All servos outputs are protected to short circuits. Feeding the MAC16 with a power sourceof 4.8 V and 7.4 V you can easily installed on board of the same model both servos at 4.8 V and servos at 7.4 V. The receiver is powered by the MAC16 at the stabilized voltage of 5V 500mA generated by the redundancy of the two sources of power. We recommend the use of MAC16 in conjunction with Double Voltage power supply (code E0059B) for the management of the dual battery and the output of different supply voltages. If you want to use a single power supply unit we reccomend you to use he Double Energy power supply (code E0058A) Annotations: MAC16 is equipped with 12 UNI extensions to connect the receiver up to 12 channels. The remaining extensions may be provided separately (code E0021)


Technical Details  


16 input channels, equipped with 12 UNI extensions
32 output servos (16 double outputs)
Separated power servos-receiver
Receiver regulator at 5V 500mA
Ideal to manage 4,8 - 6 - 7,4V servos



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