Centralina PowerBox PROFESSIONAL
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The PowerBox Professional is a modern power supply system which contains all the electronic components required for today's receivers, servos and models. Every component needed for a totally secure airborne power supply, including ICs, micro-controller and electronic circuits, is duplicated!

This High-End power supply system features an outstanding range of the latest innovations, including a high-resolution graphic OLED screen, four match-channels catering for eight servos, and the facility to bind to the downlink channels of various manufacturers.

  • High-resolution graphic OLED screen with 128 x 64 pixels
  • Ultra-simple menu-based programming system using the Sensor-Switch Signal amplification for a total of eight channels and twelve servos
  • Synchronised servo output: all servos operate totally synchronously
  • 16-bit processor for high-speed, high-resolution signal processing
  • Four match-channels, each for two servos; all servos separately variable
  • Double regulated output voltage
  • Sockets for Multiplex MSB and Spektrum downlink bus systems, update capability with USB Interface Adapter for other systems
  • Direct transmission of both battery voltage values to the transmitter
  • Voltage display for each battery separately
  • Servo voltages can be set to 5.9 V or 7.4 V
  • Minimum value memory displays any voltage collapses
  • Combined heat-sinks permit high regulator power
  • Voltage regulator monitor
  • Supports four battery types: LiPo, LiFePo, NiMH, NiCd
  • Suppression of any servo feedback currents which may occur
  • Can also be switched on and off using the MagSensor Update-capable using the PowerBox USB Interface Adapter

Scheda Tecnica

Operating voltage: 4,0V - 9,0V
  • Power supply: 2 x 5s NiMH/NiCd, 2s LiPo, 2s LiFePo
  • Current drain: approx. 130mA
  • Idle current: approx. 15µA
  • Output voltage: 5,9V or 7,4V stabilised
  • Max. load current: Peak 2x20A
  • Dropout voltage: 0,3V
  • Receiver: 1 via parallel inputs
  • Supported telemetry systems: DSM2/DSMX, M-Link
  • Channels: 8, 4 of them programmable
  • Servo outputs: 12, 8 of them programmable
  • Servo signal resolution: 0,5µs
  • Selectable signal frame rates: 9ms, 12ms, 15ms, 18ms, 21ms
  • Integral screen: OLED graphic panel 128x64 pixels
  • Dimensions: 110x72x24
  • Weight incl. switch: 130g
  • Temperature range: -30°C to +75°C
  • EMV approval: EN 55014-1:2006
  • CE: 2004/108/EG
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