Tomahawk Jet VIPER 2.0mt

Tomahawk Jet VIPER 2.0mt

Tomahawk Jet VIPER 2.0mt

Tomahawk Jet VIPER 2.0mt
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Prezzi a partire da euro 1.635. Richiedici un preventivo in base alla colorazione e agli accessori che preferisci!

Prezzo non comprensivo di spedizione dall'estero.


The viper with this wingspan is according to our opinion the absolute Fun-Jet for using everyday, because she´s extremely robust, very good flight characteristics and off course she finds a place in each car. With the use of turbines with kerosene start and the electrical retractable landing gear available as accessories you do not need no more gas and also no compressor.

Simply plug together, refuel and have fun!

The kit

The Viper is complete built in glas- and carbonfiber sandwich technology and all mechanical structures as well as the mounting plates for the servos are ready installed. All frames for the engine, nose gear, servos, plug-in-mount and so on are glued into the body. Therefore the time for completation is so low, because the pre-fabrication level is so high.
All accessories like exhaust pipe, fuel tank and landing gear are one on the other co-ordinated and for this kit available. Additionally you can also get your Viper exclusive built in the ready to fly version.



  • Wingspan: 2000mm
  • Length: 1800mm
  • Turbine: starting at 6kg thrust