REVOC BASIC - set BAGS 25% - Y/R

REVOC BASIC - set BAGS 25% - Y/R

REVOC BASIC - set BAGS 25% - Y/R

REVOC BAGS for 25% RC models - yellow/red colour
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Universal full set bags for wing and stab 25% scale RC models.

The bags are made of waterproof and durable material. Made of three layers - PVC fabric, foam and soft velour. Very convenient and safe in use. The inner parts are made of velvet. Bags have widely spread belts, which allow great stability. Bags protect wings from scratches, moisture and damage during transport. We have also added smaller belt, which can be either used as an arm belt or a handle to carry it with hands. They are held together with flaps and wide self adhesive velcro. The inside does not contain any sharp or rough components, which could scratch the wing.


FULL SET contains:

- two bags for wings,
- two bags for elevator,
- pocket for wingtube.