Krill YAK 55M 33%

Krill YAK 55M 33%

Krill YAK 55M 33%

YAK 55M 33%
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The  most important feature in this model  is a use of integrated composite formers and ribs.
By doing this, we did manage to built a lighter, stronger and professionally looking airplane.
Only 1.2% of this plane is made out of wood, so we can really say THIS IS A ALL COMPOSITE MODEL.

Model is for all diehards and sport pilots, flying either scale aerobatics or 3D.
Just like it’s larger brother, it’s flying characteristics are incredible. But it’s up to you to make this judgement.

By looking at pictures, you can already see some major differences inside the airplane. These very carefully calculated  and discussed with our company pilot and designer Gernot Bruckmann.
Just a few examples.

- Canopy opening is much larger for easy access and installation.
- Integrated all composite tray for Rx, batteries, rudder servos,etc.

- All composite landing gear plate, integrated into fuselage.
- Carbon fiber firewall.
- All composite root rib.
- C/F stab tubes
- Anodized wing tube 40/1mm
- ALU landing gear

And this is what has been done for you:

1- wings, elevators and rudder are installed
2- removable rudder
3- clear canopy  is glued into frame.
4- Cowl installed, using 6 x 5mm bolts.
5- Landing gear is pre drilled
6- All control horns openings are pre cut for our CNC machined f/g horns.

There a line of accessories available for this airplane, such as spinner, wing covers, wheels,etc.All of them are listed on order form.

Included in the kit:

Composite parts- fuselage with integrated formers, wings, elevators, rudder, cowl, canopy, wheel pants.
Non composite parts- landing gear, wheel axles, bolts, control horns.

Airplane was designed for FAI - F3M category and IMAC in USA.



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