Krill YAK 55M 28%

Krill YAK 55M 28%

Krill YAK 55M 28%

YAK 55M 28%
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Was used same platform  in the big brother 33% . This airplane was develop for the 50-60 cc gas and  the 4-5kW electric engines too.  Model is for all diehards and sport pilots, flying either scale aerobatics or 3D.

You can see some of nice and practical poins concerning build airplane :

·       integrated composite formers and ribs + Secraft rudder arms instaled :

·       Canopy opening is much larger for easy access and installation.

·       Integrated composite tray for Rx, batteries, rudder servos,etc.

·        All composite landing gear plate, integrated into fuselage.

·       Carbon fiber firewall.

·       C/F wing tube  and stab tubes +  C/F landing gear

Recomendation Accessories  :

ELECTRO power :     HACKER A80 / 10  +  MasterSpin Opto 180A  +  prop 2bl. 24x10  + 10 cell 4500mA FuelPower.

GAS power  :  DA60 , DLE55 + KS muffler set + 500ml fuel tank

Servos :       

  • 2x .......... JR DS8915    -  stabilizators
  • 2x .......... JR DS8915    -  ailerons
  • 1x ...........JR DS8915    -  rudder

And this is what has been done for you:

1- wings, elevators and rudder are installed
2- pre drilled the rudder hinges
3- clear canopy  is glued into frame.
4- Cowl installed, using 4 x M5 bolts.
5- Landing gear is pre drilled
6- All control horns openings are pre cut for our CNC

7- sign points on the fuselage for rudder wires  

Total weight the kit include hardware is 3,8 Kg.

There a line of accessories available for this airplane, such as spinner, wing covers, wheels,etc.All of them are listed on order form.

Included in the kit:
Composite parts- fuselage with integrated formers, wings, elevators, rudder, cowl, canopy, wheel pants , landing gear
No composite parts -  wheel axles, bolts, control horns.