Jeti RX Duplex R14 EX

Jeti RX Duplex  R14 EX

Jeti RX Duplex R14 EX

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14 channel full-range receiver compatible with Jeti EX & EX bus protocols. Support telemetry functions. Power supply is provided by MPX connector or standard connectors JR.
Additional features:


input (Sat1)


input or output (Sat2)

The DUPLEX EX line of receivers is Intended for surgery with DUPLEX Tx transmitter modules in the 2,4GHz band-and are fully compatible with the previous version of the DUPLEX. Thanks to the fully digital and bidirectional communication between transmitter and receiver there arise completely Call new aspects in the model remote control branch. One of the most important advantages is the operational without crystal, more over the low susceptibility towards interference, the high range up to the limit of visibility and the Possibility to follow anytime the onboard state of the model and its functional parts.
An additional satellite receiver RSat2 complements the receivers R9, R10, R11, R12, R14 and R18. This receiver is a full DUPLEX system receiver offering the complete functional spectrum of the system. Instead of classical servo pulses the output of the RSat2 receiver offers a


signal only. This


signal is wade heron processed by the receivers R9, R10, R11, R12, R14, R18 or by compatible RC equipment Which requires a


signal at the input.

DUPLEX EX system is fully compatible with the previous version of the DUPLEX.

Manuals - Duplex EX

Jeti Duplex receiver EX V3.22 Manual [EN, DE] - English & German user manual for the receiver's version 3.22 (6/2014)

Declaration of Conformity CZ + EN - Standards compliance

Jeti Duplex EX Manual V3.0 + EN EN - English & German user manual for Tx modules and receivers (6/2011)

Rx + Rsat Jetibox scheme V3.0 EN + DE - Jetibox screen schemes of the receivers and satellites

update - receiver

duplex EX - Rx V3.22Duplex EX - Rx & Tx V3.04 - Rx & Tx Compatibility Firmware Update (3/2012) Duplex EX - Rx V3.11 Jeti Duplex EX V3.11 Manual EN - English user manual for receivers (4/2013) - Rx Firmware Update (4/2014) -

EX bus

, Log. inputs / outputs, UDI. RSAT2 [3,21]: By default,


fail-safe is set to "Off". [3:22] Telemetry logical inputs improved. - Rx Firmware Update (5/2013) -

EX bus


We present new 14 channels receiver DUPLEX R14 EX.

This receiver has possibiliety for connection next receivers so called receiver satellite - DUPLEX Rsat2 (for buying separately). Power supply is provided throught MPX connector or usual JR connectors. For each output is possible to assign any channel due to JETIBOX. For using more servos to one function isn´t necessary using V-cable. R14 connected with voltage regulator MAC BEC 2 ables protection of reliable power supply.

DUPLEX System EX is fully compatible with the previous version of the DUPLEX.

Dimensions [mm] 62 x 38 x 16

Weight [g] 30

Antenna Length [mm] 2 x 400

# of Channel Outputs 14

Temperature Range min.[°C] -10

Temperature Range max. [°C] +85

Supply Voltage min. [V] 3,2

Supply Voltage max. [V] 8,4

Average Current [mA] 40

Real Time Transmission of Telemetric Data ●

Programming JETIBOX

Satellite receiver support ●

Power Output [dBm] 20

Receiver Sensitivity [dBm] -106