Jeti Power Ion RB 2600

Jeti Power Ion RB 2600

Jeti Power Ion RB 2600

Power Ion RB 2600
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Power-Ion accumulators 2600,2900 – 2S1P a 5200,5800 – 2S2P are battery packs suitable to power the receiver and servos in the model. The main advantages of Power-Ion accumulators include high mechanical resistance due to keeping in a metal case.

The accumulators are also characterized by a long cycle life. No balancer is needed for their operation and in case the current is higher than 150A, short circuit protection is activated. Overcharge protection is activated if the charging voltage is higher than 5V per cell.

The accumulators are functional even at very low or very high temperatures (-10 - +60°C).

Each pack is provided with one two-wire cable with the JR connector for charging and with one two-wire cable with the MPX connector for connection to the model. Both cables are of the same length.



Weight [g] 136
Dimensions [mm] 104 x 47 x 32
Sustained current [A] 20
Peak current (max 30s) [A] 40
Cell type LiIon
Capacity [mAh] 2600
Rated voltage [V] 7.2
Max. cell voltage [V] 4.2
Max. battery voltage [V] 8.4