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JR RX RS77S PCM 7ch 40 Mhz Synth

JR RX RS77S PCM 7ch 40 Mhz Synth
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Channel availability: 77 (40.770), 79 (40.790), 81 (40.810), 83 (40.830), 85 (40.850).

7 channel synthesizing PCM receiver. Never use crystals again! Dial up any frequency in the 40Mhz range instantly
You can set the frequency in the receiver by following these instructions:
Plug a battery into the RS77S receiver and turn power on.
Turn on the transmitter and place it 1 meter from the receiver.
Press and hold down the “SCAN” button on the end of the receiver for more than 2 seconds.
Release the “SCAN” button for 2-3 seconds, then press the “SCAN” button again for ½-1 second.
The LED will flash on and off quickly during the scanning process and once this process is completed the LED will stay solidly lit.
If the LED flashes slowly then there has been a problem with the scanning procedure and you should repeat the procedure after checking that the receiver battery has sufficient voltage and that there are not any other transmitters in the close vicinity of your receiver.