Glider_it Vettore 4.0mt ARF OD white

Glider_it Vettore 4.0mt ARF OD white

Glider_it Vettore 4.0mt ARF OD white

Vettore 4.0mt ARF OD white full composite
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Vettore 4.0mt ARF OD white full composite.

We decided to dedicate this model to the wonderful “Monte Vettore” a mountain that, together with its population, was martyred by the 2016 earthquake and one of our favorite slope.

The idea behind this project was to create an Italian masterpiece designed four-meter wingspan model, able to allow pilots to fly in every weather condition.

In fact, thanks to its airfoil designed in collaboration with Ing. Giuseppe Ghisleri, the “father” of the first and unique Stingray produced and distributed only by Glider_it, the Vettore is able to fly in very smooth thermal and wind conditions taking advantage by the presence of both ailerons and flaps.

On the other hand, it is able to give back every pilots outstanding fun to fly sensation and, if requested, precise and fast aerobatic performances.

The Vettore has bottom-hinged flaps and ailerons, allowing top drive system and a higher throw for flaps. A strong square carbon wing joiner, a CNC canopy almost ready to be installed and other accessories like bags for both fuselage and wings, complete this extraordinary model kit.


Wingspan: 4.000 mm;
Airfoil: designed by G. Ghisleri;
Weight in flying condition: about 5.000 grams (OD version, glider conf.);
Wing surface: about 92 dm2


You can have also this optionals below:
accessory kit, stickers, ribs etcc - 60.00€
work rtf - 500.00€
wings and Tailplane Bags - 140.00€
Fuselage Bag - 105.00€


For this model there are this Customization available:
Carbon Look - 150.00€
Special Paint/colorscheme - 100.00€
Deluxe Fuselage - 150.00€