Extreme Flight 78" MXS-EXP ARF EP Yellow

Extreme Flight 78" MXS-EXP ARF EP Yellow

Extreme Flight 78" MXS-EXP ARF EP Yellow

78" MXS-EXP ARF EP Yellow
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Designed for 30-40cc gas engines or 3000+ Watt electric power, the new MXS-EXP is available in both gas and electric versions.

The Extreme Flight MXS is loaded with unique features, including first rate hardware, components and thorough instructions to ensure a trouble free assembly and set-up.

Weight saving components are used throughout, such as carbon fiber structural reinforcement, carbon fiber wing and stab mounting tubes, carbon fiber landing gear, titanium pushrods and a carbon fiber tail wheel assembly, all ensuring the lightest, most high performance aircraft possible.

You will notice there is a box built into the bottom of the glow/gas version of the MXS fuselage.

This is a pipe tunnel and will accommodate most canister mufflers and tuned pipes sold for the current makes of 30-40cc gas engines.


Wingspan: 76 inches w/o wingtips 83 inches with wingtips

Length 78 inches

Wing Area 1206 sq. in. w/o wingtips 1260 sq. in. with wingtips Power: 1.20-1.80 glow engine, 30cc-40cc gas engine, 2800-3000 Watt electric power system

Radio: modern computer radio with high torque metal geared servos (300 oz./in minimum)

Popular motors used:

Scorpion F3A

Hacker A60-M

AXI 5325/24



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