Emcotec SPS SafetyPowerSwitch 70V 140/280A

Emcotec SPS SafetyPowerSwitch 70V 140/280A

Emcotec SPS SafetyPowerSwitch 70V 140/280A

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SPS SafetyPowerSwitch 70V 140/280A
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SPS SafetyPowerSwitch 70V 140/280A

Electronic safety power switch for electric power systems. An anti-flash-circuitry prevents the sparks during connecting the battery.

The SPS SafetyPowerSwitch separates the motor from the battery. The electric motor drive remains inactive and therefore non hazardous until activation.

High-class silicone connection cable of 4mm² (AWG11) thickness. 6-fold multilayer-board with up to 9mm² copper width.

For 6S up to 16S LiPo batteries (18V to 70V). 140A continuous current and 280A peak current - perfect for F3A models.


Attention: The flash protection function of the SPS does not pre-charge the capacitor within the motor controller! Some manufacturers require the pre-charging of this capacitor. Perhaps the SPS might not work properly in this special case.

Attention: The total capacity of all capacitors inside the ESC including additional capacitors must not exceed the value of 1500µF. In case of doubt ask the ECS's manufacturer.

NOTE: Please see note for charging ESC capacitors in Download section.


NOTE: When using the following Graupner products the galvanic isolation of receiver and drive circuit is not possible. So the SPS Safety Power Switch cannot be used with these modules:

  • Electric Air Module2-14S, Vario HoTT (Item no. 33620)
  • General Engine-Module 2-6S Gr. HoTT (Item no. 33610)
  • General Air-Module 2-6S, Vario Gr. HoTT (Item no. 33611)
  • Voltage Module 2-4S, EH (Item no. 33630)
  • Voltage Module 2-4S, XH (Item no. 33631)

Delivery includes switch actuator with keyring pendant or SPS-RCS, screws and operating instructions.


Suitable batteries (LiPo)           6S to 16S LiPo

Voltage range                        18V to 70V

Current consumption               max. 0.5mA, typ. 0.25mA

Permanent current                  140A

Maximum peak current             280A

Verlustleistung bei 140A           approx. 9.6W

Dimensions                            65 x 30 x 20mm (2.56 x 1.18 x 0.79in)

Weight                                 105g (3.7oz)