Elan-tech ADH 891.892 NF Epoxi 50ml

Elan-tech ADH 891.892 NF Epoxi 50ml

Elan-tech ADH 891.892 NF Epoxi 50ml

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Elan-tech ADH 891.892 NF Epoxi 50ml
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Elan-tech® ADH 891.892 NF from Elantas is a temperature resistant high performance adhesive based on epoxy resin for bonding CFRP and GFRP materials, wood, glass, ceramics, rigid foams, as well as FE and non-ferrous metals in automotive construction and sports equipment.

This high performance adhesive is an unfilled and stable 2 component epoxy resin adhesive. The adhesive complies with RoHS (EU Directive 2002/95/EC) and RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2) which came into force on 21 July 2011.

Due to its thixotropic formulation thick, uneven and even vertical adhesive joints can be achieved.

  • High lap shear strength (up to 39 MPa with CFK cured 2 h over 80 °C according to ASTM D 1002)
  • Very high impact and peel strength
  • Good thermal resistance
  • Thixotropic formulation
  • Low exothermic reaction and shrinkage
  • Solvent free

Processing is very easy due to the application with a dosing gun. This also eliminates mixing errors. Elan-tech® ADH 891.892 NF cures at room temperature or elevated temperatures. Post-curing at elevated temperatures is required to achieve maximum temperature resistance.

Technical data:
Working time (25 °C): 135 minutes*.
Handling strength (23 °C)**: 4 hours
Viscosity: 100,000 to 150,000 MPas
Maximum gap fill: 5 mm
Colour: Dark grey
Elongation at break: 6%.
Heat deflection temperature: 24 h / 23 °C = 60 °C; 2 h / 80 °C = 85 °C
Flexural strength: 90 MPa
Bending modulus: 2200 MPa
Tensile strength: 54 MPa
Compressive strength: 70 %.

*2 mm application at 25 °C with good wetting of the surfaces to be bonded. The processing time is reduced accordingly for thicker coatings and the resulting exothermic (reaction heat).
** Curing time until a minimum tensile shear strength of 1 MPa is reached on aluminium.

Please order dosing pistol for 50 ml double cartridges (order no. 1551611) separately.

References from boat building:
Wally Europe (Italy/Tunisia), Baglietto Group (Cantieri di Pisa, W.Magic, General Bateaux), Comar (Italy), Indiana Yachting (Italy), CMR (Italy), Cantieri Soleri (Italy), Cantieri Galetti (Italy)

References from the automotive industry:
Ferrari (Italy), Dallara (Italy), Camattini Meccanica (Italy), Škoda (Czech Republic), Fiat (Italy), Volkswagen (South Africa), TataMotors (India), Ferrari (Italy)

Conversion of the SI units: 1 MPa (Megapascal) = 1 N/mm² = 0.102 kg/mm²


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