Desert Aircraft DA 60-R

Desert Aircraft DA 60-R

Desert Aircraft DA 60-R

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Displacement: 60.5 cc (3.7 c.i.)
Weight: 1410 g (3.1 lbs)
Including Ignition: 1517 g (3.34 lbs)
Typical RPM Range: 1200 - 7500 1/min
RPM Max: 9500 1/min
Propellers:   Menz 2-Blade: 22x10", 22x12", 23x8", 23x10", 24x8", 24x10"
Super Silence Carbon 2-Blade: 23x12", 24x10", 24x12" Super Silence Carbon 3-Blade: 22x10", 22x12"
Aerobatic aircraft weight: 7 to 10 kg (16 to 21 lbs)

Fuel: 1:50

BEL-RAY H1R / Shell V-Power 100

We recommend the use of Shell V-Power 100 and a good synthetic two stroke oil like BEL-RAY H1R.