Desert Aircraft DA 200

Desert Aircraft DA 200

Desert Aircraft DA 200

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Displacement: 200 ccm
Bore: 42,6 mm
Stroke: 35 mm
Weight: 4995 g
including Ignition: 5210 g
Output: 14,0 kW / 19,0 PS
RPM Range: 900 - 6700 1/min
RPM Max: 8500 1/min
Fuel Consumption:
8,0 Liters/h @ 6000 1/min
Menz 2-Blade: 32x12", 32x10"
Super Silence Carbon 2-Blade: 31,5x16"
Super Silence Carbon 3-Blade: 30x12"
Fuel: 1:50

2 Years Guarantee*


  • Extremely low vibration.
  • Aerobatic power curve.
  • Fast throttle response.
  • Exclusive Desert Aircraft designed cylinders, pistons, and crankshaft.
  • CNC milled, 7075 aluminum alloy crankcase.
  • Long conrod with gudgeon pin located very near to piston crown to reduce side loads.
  • Two Walbro Carburators
  • Four petal reed valve, bottom induction.
  • Electronic ignition with auto advance and retard.
  • DA engines are designed using the latest tools and techniques,including 3D CAD and Stereo Lithography.