CARF Chengdu J-10 3D

CARF Chengdu J-10 3D

CARF Chengdu J-10 3D

Chengdu J-10 3D
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The Ultimate All Composite 3D Aerobatic Jet 


A design of the Elster Jet Team - Ralph Losemann and Enrico Thaeter.

Why inventing the weel if somebody already did it? Why not building on a successful concept and perfecting it with decades of all composite production experience and so put a jet airplane on the market which is going to be the ultimate milestone for extreme light weight construction, structural strength and 3D aerobatic performance? CARF-Models thought so, and teamed up with Ralph and Enrico to rework and kit their world famous J-10 model, which they initially scratch built and were perfecting it over 4 flying seasons. CARF-Models added in their production experience, their sense for scale appearance and created something really unique on the model jet market. The idea was to make this breathtaking design available to all modelers with a desire to experience 3D Jet performance at its Best!

  So, what do you get with a CARF Models J-10 kit? Basically, the typical CARF values, and so much more:

- light weight total area vacuum sandwich parts from glass, Kevlar and carbon

-original design features taken over from the original aiplane, such as engine position, thrust vector design, fuselage separation, canard installation

- serious facelift in nose, canopy and fin area, improving scale appearance

- ultra strong and light weight landing gear mounts, installed with complex jigs right in the molds

- airfoils and other dimensions unchanged

- painted in the molds in the 2013 scheme, single color or any custom scheme you would imagine

- a robust Behotec landing gear designed especially for this airplane

- fuel tanks, plumbing materials and a thrust vector "tumble tube" with all linkages and mounts

- a comprehensive manual, made by the designers of the original plane and other accessories. Now there is even more which CARF-Models will offer to their most loyal customers. Basically, CARF Models has taken on some sophisticated Elster Team Signature Upgrades. Ralph Losemann and Enrico Thaeter have made their competition models even more special by developing and manufacturing a few very special accessories, which we will make available for you as “Signature Upgrades": - Superlight carbon tube (progressive thickness)

- Carbon fibre gear strut set (save over 600 g)

- Transport and storage rack (minimized dims)

- Powerbox I-Gyro programming files and setup manual

- unrestricted personal advice of the designers to any interested customer (phone numbers and email addresses in the manual)

The CARF-Models Chendu J-10 will always be a very special product with the potential to follow the legacy of world famous designs such as Kangaroo, Flash/UltraFlash and Eurosport. We at CARF-Models are thankful and proud that Ralph and Enrico have entrusted us to carry their J-10 to the next level and make her available to all of you!

Note: The "Elster Team Signature Upgrades" are available as accessories. Please see the accessory .Please also look at the right hand mouse-over menu to find the latest available color scheme and their prices.