Xicoy centralina di controllo e sequencer per carrelli elettrici

Xicoy centralina di controllo e sequencer per carrelli elettrici

Xicoy centralina di controllo e sequencer per carrelli elettrici

Codice: XILGC13C
Centralina per carrelli elettrici
€ 103,70
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-Control by Single channel (Gear operation and brake operation combined on single channel) or separate channels for gear and brake.

-Control 3 landing gears. Programmable independent delay for each gear in UP and DOWN sequence.

-Control of electric brake:

  •  Proportional and adjustable maximum brake force
  •  Continuous operation or pulsed mode for "ABS" effect, 10 levels of pulse ratio.

-Control of steering servo

  • Allow to use same channel as the rudder, despite of different center, travel gain and direction on steering servo than the rudder servo. The steering servo center, travel and sense of movement can be adjusted.
  • The steering servo is centered and deactived during gear operation and gear UP phase.

-Door control output:

  • 3 independent servo outputs for door control.
  • Each output can be programmed in 3 different positions (Gear UP, Gear Down and Gear Moving phase).
  • Servo Switch-off. Door servos can be deactivated after movement to prevent the posibility of servo burnout on a jammed door. Deactivation time can be programmed.

-Manual mode:

  • Allow to cycle the gear manually for testing during setup phase, movement can be stopped and reasumed in any position.
  • Allow to move the motors independently in any direccion and stopping in any position for checking clearance, etc.

Motor setup:

  • Motor cut off current and timeout time can be adjusted up to 2,5A /30s. (option not available in some units sold with complete landing gears).
  • Cycle counter for scheduled maintenance.

Easy setup:  All adjustments are done trough a data terminal in plain text.

-Electronic switch for the main battery. Voltage between 6 and 10V.


  •  The unit can be programmed using a LED and switch, like our LGS12 controller. In this case the functions are the same as the LG12S.
  • Data terminal not included. Compatible with Xicoy data terminals used in Xicoy ECUS.
  • Connecting leads not included.
  • Instructions: English:  http://www.xicoy.com/LGC13.pdf  Français:  http://www.xicoy.com/LGC13F.pdf