Rcexl Opto Gas Engine Kill Switch

Rcexl Opto Gas Engine Kill Switch

Rcexl Opto Gas Engine Kill Switch

Codice: CYGE3001
Strumento per lo spengimento elettronico dei motori a benzina
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Strumento per lo spengimento elettronico del motore.
Permette di spengere il tuo motore a benzina in qualunque momento anche in caso di avaria del servocomando del gas.

This device allows you to safely and remotely kill your electronic ignition equipped engine your transmitter.igniton system is Fiber Optically Coupled to isolate your igniton system from your radio  system .(No Interference!!)

This device features the following:

1.       Includes a remote mountable bright LED to indicate when the ignition is armed.

2.       Fiber Optic conpled input/output.

3.       Pic12F675 Controller.

4.       Li-Po/Li-lon/A123/Ni-Mh/NiCad Input.

5.       Up to 20 Volt 16 amp MOS-FET(IRF7456) output.

6.       Low to 3Volt 3amp output.

7.       Low Voltage Drop-Less than 150mv.

8.       100% Surface Mount Technology.

9.       Heavy Gauge Wires,universal connectors.

10.   Small and light weight –only 0.3 OZ!(8g)

11.   Reverse Bettery input protection.

12.   Shut down the transmitter power or receiver to cut off automatically when kill engine


 This device plugs into a spare receiver channel.

This is a must have safety device for any gas powered plane!

This device allows you to safely kill your engine at anytime (on the ground ,or in the air!)

Or when out of control also allows kill the enfine.



(Battery  Eliminator Circuitry)


The kill swith not including BEC function



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