OPTOTRONIX Set Glider lighting

OPTOTRONIX  Set Glider lighting

OPTOTRONIX Set Glider lighting

Codice: OPT3070
Set Glider lighting
€ 128,05
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Attention: LED is very bright, don't look into the cone of light from closer distance. Never focus the bright LED to the eyes of a human or an animal.

Lighting set contains three glider ACLs (OPT4141) and lighting electronic FireFly LCU (OPT1050).

The glider ACLs are rerfectly suitable for mounting into the vertical tail or the winglets. Easy operating with flash electronic with FireFly LCU. Due to the extremly bright LEDs good visibility even in high altitudes at sunny weather.

Attention: Please finish the programming procedure before connecting the Glider ACL. If the Glider ACL accidentally is connected to a channel which uses permanent light as default the Glider ACL can be damaged or destroyed even when only operated temporary.

Deliery contains 1x lighting electronic FireFly LCU and 3x glider ACL.