Emcotec DPSI V-Match set with 4 units

Emcotec DPSI V-Match set with 4 units

Emcotec DPSI V-Match set with 4 units

Codice: EM-A71006
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DPSI V-Match set with 4 units

The DPSI V-Match is a V-cable with integrated servo matching system for connection of two commercially available servos at a single receiver output (or DPSI output). One servo signal is fed through unchanged, the second one can be (re)-adjusted for direction, center position and end positions. No external programming device is necessary whatsoever (e.g. a PC or equivalent system). A simple magnet (included in delivery) suffices. Adjustment accomplished directly using the corresponding transmitter channel and remote control.

* Servo V-cable with adjustable matching for one of the servos' direction, center position and end positions
* Ideal for huge aerobatic models, where several servos actuate on one rudder, or e.g. for gliders, were both spoilers are controlled by two separate servos but only one receiver channel is left over
* DPSI V-Match is also optimally suitable for DPSI RV systems
* Pulse amplifier for weak servo pulses (e.g. Futaba FASST receiver 6014)
* Effective interference suppression with special LCL filters
* 0.34 mm2 thick connection cable and high grade connectors
* 4-layer PCB layout for highest packing density and maximum current load
* Operating voltage range from 4V up to 8.4V
* Resolution 3200 steps
* Programming simply accomplished using the delivered magnet and the remote control

Delivery includes 4 pcs. DPSI V-Match, one magnetically switch actuator and operating instructions

Weight: 5g
Dimensions: 50mm x 8,4mm x 7,2mm (L x B x H