Emcotec DPSI Micro - RCS RV (Remote Control Switch - Regulated Volt)

Emcotec DPSI Micro - RCS RV (Remote Control Switch - Regulated Volt)

Emcotec DPSI Micro - RCS RV (Remote Control Switch - Regulated Volt)

Codice: EM-A11070
Interruttore e regolatore di tensione Emcotec per centralina motori a benzina.
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R/C controlled electronic switch with Lithium Polymer voltage regulation and deep discharge protection - ideal for ignition systems!
  • Electronic, transmitter controlled switch
  • Ideal for converting electronic ignitions (typically powered by 4 cell batteries) to lithium polymer batteries
  • Infinitely adjustable switch point and switching direction
  • Enables the ignition system to be turned off at idle via the gas trim button
  • Regulated 5.5V voltage for non lithium compatible ignition systems
  • Double electronic on/off switch and redundant voltage regulator for high impulse current immunity
  • Low dropout regulator for optimal use with all battery technologies
  • Programmable deep discharge monitor for 5/6 cell NiCd/NiMH or 2 to 3 cell Lithium Ion/Lithium Polymer batteries
  • Programmable deep discharge protection with automatic low-voltage cutoff
  • Programmable failsafe cutoff function for incorrect or missing receiver impulses
  • Ultra bright LED for status control and error checking
  • Two high-speed optocouplers for full separation of receiver and power circuitry
  • Ideally suited for other applications (up to 3A continuous current/20A peak current)
  • JR/universal connectors with high quality, silicone insulated wiring (AWG20 cross section)
  • Receiver control cable made of high quality PVC wiring
  • All connectors are gold plated and "Made in Germany"
  • For use with receivers from 2V to 8.4V

Complete, ready-to-use set including all required mounting hardware, fuselage decal (drilling template), vibration insulator, EMCOTEC 3D decal and operating instructions

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Dimensioni 73x19x10 mm

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