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ELECTRON RETRACTS centralina per carrelli elettrici con sequencer

ELECTRON RETRACTS centralina per carrelli elettrici con sequencer
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-Direct control of 3 motors. Programmable independent delay for each gear in UP and DOWN sequence.

-Control of electric brake. full proportional, lineal and adjustable pulsed mode. Brake Limiter to set max brake force

-3 servo outputs for the control of the doors. endpoints programmable, Each output can be programmed in 3 different positions (Gear UP, Gear Down and Gear Moving phase).

-Servo Switch-off. Door servos can be deactivated after movement to prevent the posibility of servo burnout on a jammed door. Deactivation time can be programmed.

-Steering servo processor. Programmable position in retracted mode, programmable center, sense and gain on extended mode.

-Single or dual channel mode. Gear operation and brake operation combined on single channel) or separate channels for gear and brake.

-Manual mode. Provides the ability cycle the gear manually for testing during setup phase, movement can be stopped and reasumed in any position.

Each drive motor can be independently run in any direction and stopping in any position for checking clearance, etc.

-Easy programming trough a LCD display. All adjustments are done through a Electron programmer. Compatible with all Xicoy SBus style data terminals used with Xicoy brand ECUS. RS200 can be programmed by LED/Buttom like RB-45 (options limited using this program method).

-Electronic switch for the main battery. Voltage 6 to 10V -Small (same dimensions as RB45) size and lightweight.