DLE 61 Gasoline engine

DLE 61  Gasoline  engine

DLE 61 Gasoline engine

Codice: DLE-61
Motore benzina DLE 61cc
€ 449,00
€ 469,00
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High power—low weight

Innovation is excellence; so, when DLE added innovations like improved crankshaft bearings, and a better piston/cylinder fit to their engines, serious R/C pilots got very excited. The DLE-61 weighs four pounds and cranks out over six horsepower from a durable and long-lasting engine.
Extras like an airplane-specific carburetor, muffler, standoffs and electronic ignition boost performance even further. It's a solid 60cc engine at the best price you'll find.


  • Efficient, light design for high power-to-weight ratio
  • Light piston for fast acceleration, excellent compression and low vibration
  • CNC-machined parts for high performance and long life
  • Enlarged crankshaft bearings
  • Increased piston/cylinder contact area
  • Two petal reed valve
  • Muffler included for optimized power
  • Spark plugs
  • Spiral wire wrap

Scheda Tecnica

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Cilindrata: 60.0cc
Alesaggio: 47mm
Corsa: 35mm
Rapporto di compressione: 10.5: 1
Potenza: 6.0hp at 7500rpm
Minimo: 1500rpm
Tiro statico: 15kg a 100m  -  13kg a 1800m
Centralina ad anticipo variabile
Alimentazione centralina: 4,8 - 8,4 Volt - 1500 mAh
Carburatore DLE, con squadretta servo allungata
Peso: Motore 1270gr  Marmitta 110gr  Iniezione - 145gr
Eliche: 22x10, 23x8, 23x10, 24x8
Candela: NGK CM-6 o equivalente
Miscela: 30:1 (Benzina verde/Olio Bel Ray)



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