Aviation Design RAFALE 1/7 ARF Bianco

Aviation Design RAFALE 1/7 ARF Bianco

Aviation Design RAFALE 1/7 ARF Bianco

Codice: AVDRAF
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The Rafale ARF from is also absolutely scale. All panel lines, rivets, details are engraved. It was designed and made with the help of Dassault Aviation employees.
It is the best introduction to scale model.


The Rafale from is very easy to fly with excellent performances. The Rafale is a high performance jet with excellent very low and high speed capability. It has very gentle stall characteristics.

With a big canopy hatch and large fuselage hatch, the engine access and radio checking are very easy and are perfect for beginner, for safety and for maintenance.

Our landing gear have been redesigned for stronger field operation.
Model offer a lot of scale options to have the best scale finish.

The special ducting and single exhaust tailpipe (very light version) offer great performances with small turbine. The operation and reliability is extremely simple.  It is also very efficient.
You can also chose the optional twin exhaust stainless steel tailpipe (100% scale) or convert it after few flights.

The fuselage is in 2 parts, with plug in wings and fin for an easier transporting (very important).  


- Cockpit dettagliato monoposto euro 64,66

- Cockpit dettagliato 2 posti euro 129,32

- Carrelli + valvole standard euro 695,40

- Carrelli + elettrovalvole euro 887,43
- Set ruote + freni + micro interruttori euro 244,00
- Set ruote + freni + elettrovalvole euro 305,98

- Set portelli carrelli + valvole standard euro 186,66

- Set portelli carrelli + elettrovalvole euro 281,08
- Serbatoio in kevlar da 3,2lt euro 342,51
- Serbatoio in kevlar da 3,2lt + U.A.T. euro 423,95
- 2 Fuel cells in plastica euro 64,80
- 1 Probes set euro 48,80
- 2 Missili Magic euro 51,24
- 2 Missili Mica euro 85,40
- 2 Serbatoi alari piccoli euro 201,30
- 2 Serbatoi alari grandi 234,85
- Condotto in acciaio euro 145,06
- Condotto in acciaio doppia uscita euro 640,00
- Decals alta visibilità euro 128,10
- Decals bassa visibilità euro 128,10
- Decals USAF Tiger meet euro 128,00
- Decals USAF Eagle euro 128,00

- Assemblaggio e verniciatura euro 1.500,00.

Scheda Tecnica

Rafale ARF model includes :


  • High quality epoxy-glass fuselage painted.
  • All plywood and wood parts premounted.
  • Epoxy glass inlets fitted.
  • Higly detailed exhaust nozzles.
  • Fully molded wings, fin and canards.
  • Access hatch requiring no additional framework for Rafale C single seater version or Rafale B  twin seater version.
  • ABS cockpit interior and scale accessories.
  • Clear formed canopy for Rafale C single seater version or Rafale B twin seater version.
  • hardware (screws, hatch latches, ....).
  • Instructions in English.

Model comes in 2 versions :

  • all grey painted as the full scale model.
  • White blue red for sport color schem.