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Specialised for Jet Models
Jets do have long fuselages and very often short wingspans. The mass of the modell is high. This needs special gyro characteristics, as there are very high speeds and even low speed is fast. The FUZZY SMM Jet can also be used at tailerons, as it has an inbuilt mixing recognition.


Normal- and Heading use (AWCS)

The FUZZYSMM Jet is the best gyro system for jets ever. It can stabilise all model axis as rudder, elevator and ailerons. It stabilises one of these model axis.

  • External SMM sensor BAE-Systems
  • Absolutely Vibration protected
  • Absolutely temperature stable, -200 degree to + 300 degree C
  • Special sensor case protects against electrical static problems
  • 2 In- and 2 servo outputs, i.e. for 2 aileron servos, 2 elevator servos aso.
  • Intelligent mixing recognition, no mixing function loss, for example Butterfly/Flaperon, the gyro only stabilises Aileron
  • Automatic stick deflection at stick movements, adjustable between 20% and 100% of stick throw, the gyro doesn’t work against pilots stick movements.
  • Optimised HEADING use for airplanes. Prefect for starting and landing
  • Dynamic adjustment with pot
  • Servo throw teach in
  • 2 servo reversal switches 
  • Perfect adjustable for jet demands
  • Gain adjustment manually, if no gain channel free at receiver.
  • LED-Monitor for mode control
  • Highest resolution and dynamics especially at Normal mode
  • High current, high voltage servos can be used
  • Automatic take over of neutral position when switching between normal to heading, trim stays as it is.
Juni 2011
The producer of the SMM sensors has cancelled our sensor type and issued a new type, which is better, but also more expensive. In spite of that, we we will use it with our product, even we must increase the prices for it. But the perfomance the sensor has is so perfect, that we say, even it is € 50.- more now, it is worth each cent. All German world champions of the last 10 years can confirm that.


We tried to change to so called MEMS Sensors, which nearly everybody is using now in the modelling scene, as it is very cheap, compared with peformance. After studying the data sheet and lots of tests, it was clear for us, we will not use MEMS, we stay with SMM. MEMS is good for turning smartphones or installing it in cheap modelling products, but not as good as we need it for our Jet Gyro.

Even the comparisson is not quite fair, as MEMS are designed for consumer products, and SMM for military highest use, 

some comparisson data SMM/MEMS:

  • Schock proof 1000g / 10g
  • Temperature range with linear output -200 degree C + plus 300 degree C/ -10 degree C to + 50 degree C
  • Lineariy to temperature range 99% / no info.......
  • No signal noise/signal noise
  • Angular rate 1000degree/sec with highest resolution/110degree/sec

We think it is obvious that a cheep sensor can`t replace the 100% perfect sensor in our SMM gyro.

Scheda Tecnica

    Size of electronic case  48x39x15mm
    Weight 24gr.
    Sensor case  27x27x18mm
    Weight 25gr.
    Voltage 3,0 ... 8,5 Volt
    Consumption 50mA @ 5V
    Servo currents up to 2x8A
    Rate sensor SMM, BAE-Systems
    Signal resolution servo channels 2048 steps
    Signal resolution GAIN 256 steps
    Signal resolution Sensor 4096 steps, 4x oversampling