Jets-Munt M210TS

Jets-Munt M210TS

Jets-Munt M210TS

Codice: JMM210
Turbina M210TS, 21 kg di spinta
€ 2.990,00
€ 3.050,00
€ 60,00 (2%)
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Our new model! After 10 years of production of the successful M160, it is the time for a full upgrade. Power increased in 40N, to 210N, weight reduced in 300 gram, to 1.530 gram, and fuel consumption reduced a 10%.

This new engine had received our “state of the art” electronics package, including XBUS system, integrated valves, brushless starter motor and brushless pump.

Sensors and valves are installed inside the motor, simplifying installation.

The engine has only one fuel input directly from the pump, and a 3-wire electrical connection to the ecu that carries the battery power and a bidirectional digital bus. It shares the same ecu with the M100 and M140, a very small and lightweight unit (only 17 g!) , and same brushless pump as the M140, highly efficient design of only 20mm diameter and 50g of weight.


Includes engine and all ancillary accessories needed to run the engine, except the battery. Recomended LiPo 3S 11,4v 2500mAh

Scheda Tecnica


Nominal thrust: 210N at 122.000 RPM

Idle thrust: 6N Idle RPM: 28,000

Diameter: 110,9mm (4.36”)

Engine weight: 1.620g (3.3lb)

Installed weight: 1,650g (3,65lb)

Fuel: Kerosene/Diesel + 3% – 5% oil

Fuel comsumption: 560g/min

Start mode: Direct Kerosene