Topmodel Ventus 2cx De-luxe 4,5mt.

Topmodel Ventus 2cx De-luxe 4,5mt.

Topmodel Ventus 2cx De-luxe 4,5mt.

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Ventus 2cx De-luxe 4,5mt.
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Class glider designed to 1:4 scale. Wingspan 4,5 m.


This magnificent scale model, to 1/4 scale is the new SHEMPP-HIRTH jewel. It really is a beautiful bird, brilliantly modelled, almost ready to fly, only 3-5 hours of work are necessary to fit the radio.
The flight is really very realistic.
Our VENTUS thermal-hunts to perfection, spiralling elegantly and efficiently. The split flaps are really a plus for keen R/C sailplane enthusiasts.
Landings are easy and precise, thanks to the powerful, ready-installed air-brakes.

The model can use electric power for perfectly autonomous flying (with the motor in the nose).


The model is designed and manufactured in Czech Republic. Spare parts are in stock.


Technical specification:



4500 mm

1610 mm

4,9-5,6 kg

76,5 dm2

65,2-74,5 g/dm2

HQ 3/14-2,5/12


The de luxe ARF kit contents:
  • Ready fiberglass fuselage with already installed sliding cabin, fiberglass seat and dashboard panel.
  • Special 9 pins connectors with wires already installed at the wing saddle and wing fixing device also installed (cf photos).
  • Fiberglass hollow moulded winglets, horizontal stabiliser and fin.
  •  Ready foam core abachi wings covered with Oracover® with metallic airbrakes already installed. Wing fixing device already installed and servos connector also (requires 4 servos by wing, 1 for ailerons , 2 for flaps(2 parts), coupled mechanically, 1 for the airbrake).
  •  All is made, need only to mount the radio gear! (maxi 3-5 hours work)
  • De luxe version is delivered as you see with retract gear (bay doors installed), tailwheel and tow hook already installed; standard version without.

Extra high quality product, setting a very new high quality standard in this category!


  • Ailerons and flaps (6 micro servos)
  • elevator (1 micro servo)
  • rudder (1 servo STD)
  • airbrakes (2 micro servos)
  • retract gear (1 servo STD)
  • tow hook (1 servo STD)