Topmodel Swift S1 ARF 3,14mt.

Topmodel Swift S1 ARF 3,14mt.

Topmodel Swift S1 ARF 3,14mt.

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Scale model of the famous sailplane. The wings are equipped with air-brakes but also with camber flaps. These flaps have a longer length compared to reality and are divided into 2 parts. Thus, it is possible to use these 2 parts, together, like gigantic ailerons but also as camber flaps. This makes possible to make the Swift even more general-purpose and powerful in aerobatic. The model is designed and manufactured in Czech Republic. Spare parts are in stock.


  • Ready fiberglass fuselage
  • Ready foam core abachi wings with carbon-fibre reinforcing covered with Oracover® with metallic airbrakes already installed.
  • Ready foam core abachi horizontal stabiliser covered with Oracover®.
  • Fiberglass hollow moulded fin
  • Fiberglass cabin frame
  • Transparent cabin 
  • Complete assembly manual
  • Accessories
  • Controls:

    • Ailerons (4 micro servos) - HS - 5245MG digi (HS 225 MG)
    • elevator (1 micro servo) - HS - 5245MG digi (HS 225 MG)
    • rudder (1 servo STD) - HS - 475HB
    • airbrakes (2 micro servos) - HS 82MG (HS 81)

    Power Package Upgrade:

    Hacker A50 14L / Axi 4130/16

    Jeti Spin Pro 77 Opto ESC
    6/8S LiPo battery (4,5-5Ah)
    Aeronaut CAM Carbon 16x10 folding propeller