Topmodel Fox MDM 1 Deluxe 4,0mt.

Topmodel Fox MDM 1 Deluxe 4,0mt.

Topmodel Fox MDM 1 Deluxe 4,0mt.

SKU: TM02081DL
Fox MDM 1 Deluxe 4,0mt.
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Semi-scale 1:3,5 of the famous two-seater aerobatic sailplane MDM 1 FOX. This is a pure aerobatic model which can also fly in relatively calm weather thanks to the wing airfoil used. The FOX has a broad range of speed and a sufficient stability. The wings are equipped with air-brakes but also with camber flaps. These flaps have a longer length compared to reality and are divided into 2 parts. Thus, it is possible to use these 2 parts, together, like gigantic ailerons but also as camber flaps. This makes possible to make the FOX even more general-purpose and powerful in aerobatic. This model is practically finished with the legendary quality of TOPMODEL CZ kits. Semi-scale model MDM 1 Fox is delivered in ARF version- covered with Oracover®. The model is equipped with in-built airbrakes, landing gear and tail wheel. Accessories includes parts needed to completion of openable cab.


Technical specification:



2130 mm

8-10 kg

103 dm2

77,6-97 g/dm2

HQ 2/12-2/10

6-8 channel


De-luxe version:


  • Fully built-up and matched model.
  • Ready fiberglass FUSELAGE with already installed sliding cabin, fiberglass seat, dashboard panel, connectors, wiring for aileron servos and airbrakes and wing joiner casing. Further rudder is fixed. Landing gear, tailwheel and tow hook already installed.
  • WINGS with metallic airbrakes and ailerons already installed. Wing fixing device already installed and servos connector also.
  • Stickers are sticked on model.

The model is designed and manufactured in Czech Republic. Spare parts are in stock.