Pilot Jet DOLPHIN 71" 1,8mt

Pilot Jet DOLPHIN  71" 1,8mt
  • Pilot Jet DOLPHIN  71" 1,8mt
  • Pilot Jet DOLPHIN  71" 1,8mt
  • Pilot Jet DOLPHIN  71" 1,8mt

Pilot Jet DOLPHIN 71" 1,8mt

Pilot Jet DOLPHIN 71" 1,8mt
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• Basla wood and Oracover(Ultracote) covering construction

• Aluminum tube plug-in for wings spar. 

• Two pieces wing. 

• Aluminum tube for stabilizer.

• Removable stabilizer.

• Factory preinstall hinges

• Super light and strong

• every airframe comes with Air Trap(UAT)

• One servo for each flap , one servo for each aileron,one servos for rudder. one servo for each elevator, one servo for nose wheel. elevator servo and nose wheel only can use middle size servo.  check here for detail of the servo: http://www.pilot-rc.com/OtherProductshow.aspx?id=26

• Dual wall tail pipe for 6kg turbine included.

• Strong electric retract landing gear with electric brake.

• Stanadard wing is design for jet beginner, easy to fly and land

• Option for Navigation LED lights with programmer and Wiring

• We offer TR(turbine ready) version : airframe with tail pipe, air trap, electric retract landing gear with brake, 8pcs Pilot-RC PY-08AH high voltage servos,  servo extension wire. preinstall the above items in factory. 


Aileron is 18 both up and down, Elevator is 18 up and 15 down, Flap max 36 Deg down, Rudder 25 both ways

Flap/Elevator/Aileron mix is 36 Degree flap with Max 2.5 degree down elevator and 16 degree up aileron for landing. 

Flap / Elevator mix is 25 Degree flap with Max 1.5 degree down for take off. for maiden flight do not use the flap to take off. 

The CG is 205mm from the front leading edge on the root of the wing. 

about the retract controller. check here: 

use the middle size  servo. check here for detail: 



72 in(1.84M)
Wing Area:
972 sq in(6270sq cm)
Fuselage length:
71 in(1.8M)
16.7 lbs(7.6kg)
6kg turbine