OPTOTRONIX Universal ACL 12mm (0,47in) bianca

OPTOTRONIX Universal ACL 12mm (0,47in) bianca

OPTOTRONIX Universal ACL 12mm (0,47in) bianca

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OPTOTRONIX Universal ACL 12mm (0,47in) bianca
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Attention: LED is very bright, don't look into the cone of light from closer distance. Never focus the bright LED to the eyes of a human or an animal.

Anti collision light (ACL) with of ultra bright LED. Easy operating with flash electronic (e. g. Optotronix Aurora LCU, available optionally, item no. OPT2000). Due to the extremly bright LEDs good visibility even in high altitudes at sunny weather.

We recommend using the Universal ACL only in flash operation mode. When operating with Aurora LCU only the functions 1 to 21, when operating with Firefly LCU only the functions 1 to 9 can be used. Further information concerning flash functions see page 10 of LCU's manuals.

Attention: Please finish the programming procedure before connecting the Glider ACL. If the Glider ACL accidentally is connected to a channel which uses permanent light as default the Glider ACL can be damaged or destroyed even when only operated temporary.

Before using a suitable resistor must be soldered. Find an overview of suitable resistors within the section Scheda tecnica


Universal ACL 12mm (0.47in) - Specifications


R at 1S LiPo without 0R57 without
R at 4.8V NiMH 0R33 1R9 0R47
R at LiPo 0R82 2R2 1R8
R at 2S LiFePO4 0R68 3R9 1R5

R=Resistors with 3W wattage at maximum LED performance


Voltage range 2.7V ... 3.45V 2.3V ... 2.5V 3.3V ... 3.8V
max. voltage 3.45V 2.5V 3.8V
max. current 1500mA 700mA 700mA
max. wattage 5W 2,1W 2,8W
Angle of radiation 125° 123° 128°
Brightness 1536lm 165lm 285lm
Color temperature 5000K - -
Wave length - 625nm 525nm
Diameter 12mm (0.47in)
Weight approx. 0.8g (0.03oz)
Connection Soldering pads for cables