Krill ULTIMATE 300KS 39% Base

Krill ULTIMATE 300KS 39% Base
  • Krill ULTIMATE 300KS 39% Base
  • Krill ULTIMATE 300KS 39% Base
  • Krill ULTIMATE 300KS 39% Base

Krill ULTIMATE 300KS 39% Base

Krill ULTIMATE 300KS 39% Base
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We are proud to introduce you the first biplane in history of KRILL Aircraft - fullcomposite kit

ULTIMATE 300KS was developed by our team in co-operation with Sebastiano Silvestri (It.).

Kit is designed for patern flying and 3D aerobatics too. Slim wings with unique thin sharp airfoil allows to use gas engines from 110 to 125 ccm and final dry weight achieves promising 15 kg.

Description of airframe

- One piece top wing
- Bottom wings connected by strong wall C/F tube
- 4 ailerons on top surface textile hinges
- Central hinged elevators and rudder
- Fusselage with integrated ribs of Herex, Alutex and Aicraft plywood.
- Stainless steel thin wall tube cabane
- C/F interplane struts, no additional flying wires required !
- quick field assembly
- C/F landing gear with composite covers
- Holder for the fuel tank included

Standart content of the kit:

Airframe (fusselage, cowling, rudder, stabs with elevators, clear canopy glued to the frame), wing and elevator C/F tubes, stainless steel cabane , both C/F interplane struts, C/F landing gears with composite covers, landing gear covers, wing screws, wing strut screws, wheel axis, canopy and cowling screws, black G/F set of horns, fuel tank  holder.

Recomended accessories to be ordered:

-       Spinner ULT 125mm 6/s
-       SLH wheels 100/32
-       SEC tail wheel V3
-       RC equipment/rudder servo holder with ALU rudder arm

Engine/RC equipment:

- Strong Engine - with possibility run 30x10' or 30x12" prop. size
Higly recomended is MVVS 116 NP with JMB specially designed mufflers or any other gas engine
like DA120, DLA116/120, 3W110ib2 etc.
It is possible to use 4cyl engines as 3w140B4  or DLA128B4 too. 

Using more powerfull engines in size as 150 ccm and more leads to lost warranty of the airframe.

- Servos:
JR servo DS8411HV - 7 pcs (4 - ailerons, 2 - elevators, 1 - throttle)
JR servo NX8921 - rudder


Lenght (With rudder, w/o spinner): 2366 mm
Wingspan: 2332 mm
Height (top wing): 799 mm
Wing surface area: 159 sq. dm
Take off weight (dry): 15 kg