CARF F100 D Super Sabre 2,5mt All silver

CARF F100 D Super Sabre 2,5mt All silver
  • CARF F100 D Super Sabre 2,5mt All silver
  • CARF F100 D Super Sabre 2,5mt All silver
  • CARF F100 D Super Sabre 2,5mt All silver
  • CARF F100 D Super Sabre 2,5mt All silver
  • CARF F100 D Super Sabre 2,5mt All silver

CARF F100 D Super Sabre 2,5mt All silver

CARF F100 D Super Sabre 2,5mt All silver
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Often referred to as the Hun, a shortened version of “one hundred”, the F-100 Super Sabre served with the United States Air Force (USAF) from 1954 to 1971 and with the Air National Guard (ANG) until 1979. It was the first USAF fighter capable of supersonic speed in level flight.

The CARF-Models / Elite Aerosports F-100 SuperSabre scale jet has a long history and an interesting story to tell, but ultimately the cooperation between CARF and Elite Aerosports signs responsible for its absolutely outstanding scale fidelity and performance. It is an “industry first” in many ways, but mainly we have taken the decision to offer this aircraft as a model over 25 kg. Not an issue in many countries outside Europe, it poses a little challenge for our European customers to certify this model aircraft in the class between 25 and 150 kg take off weight. CARF Models, however, provides all necessary type rating data and documentation so that a registration and certification will be a piece of cake - an industry first, indeed. That little challenge is nothing compared to the benefits of building a “real” aircraft, which acts and behaves just like the full scale Super Sabre would. It’s not a paperplane. Not a kite. It is a real men’s toy almost exploding from raw power and performance. No compromises, no limitations.

This results in flying characteristics unheard of. High Alpha approaches and touch downs due to the appropriate wing loading and the scale airfoils show the model’s unbelievable scale character, and the landing gear is designed to cope with these scale landings as well. Pricless when the drogue chute deploys and brings the fighter to a standstill in a shorter distance than you’d imagine.




The aircraft’s structure is all composite with lots of carbon incorporated, absolutely necessary due to the use of the thin, scale airfoils on wing and stab. The prefabrication is extreme. Landing gear, engine and servos just drop in. It is almost the only work left for you to do. The main structural parts have more scale details than most other composite planes, and the sheer amount of small scale parts included in the kit is really setting it apart from the rest of the pack. Scale cockpit and a complete lighting package is available as high-end accessory. Release of drogue chute and scale canopy operation is also prepared for. Everything is done right, because everything is allowed. No senseless weight starving has to be carried out. Chose a big engine, don’t worry about fuel or smoke capacity - there’s almost no limit.

Full deflection up and down for responsive slow flight

Hinged canopy to be optionally operated by pneumatics


Flying Characteristcs

The flying characteristics represent what everybody expects from a Super Sabre. And some. No scale jet could be slicker, faster, still more docile and neutral than an F-100. The CARF-Models / Elite Aerosports F-100 does everything that much better, slicker, faster and more docile and neutral than any other F-100 on the market. Simply due to its massive size, strength and stiffness. The approach of no compromise, whatsoever, results in the Best money can buy.

Enter a new world of Jet Model Experience! Go big! Go bold! Jump the gun and go with our “Hun”.










Apertura alare:  mt. 2,50

Lunghezza fusoliera: mt. 3,60 (without pitot 3100 mm)

Peso a secco: 32-38 kg

Motorizzazioni: 220-300 cc   

Servi: 12 high power digital servos