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Has been in the works for quite some time and we wanted to make sure that we bring something new and special for s new FAI category - F6A Artistic aerobatics.

Thunder 3D is highly specialized and purposely build model for 3D flying.

As you can see on pictures, we have implicated many new ideas, including new wing platform and a new airfoil.

Thunder 3D is NOT meant for beginners and/or learning 3D flying!! You should have at least some knowledge of 3D flying to fly this airplane.It's not very forgiving and it will bite you if not handled and flown in a proper way.On the other side it will surprise you by it's maneuverability and endless possibilities in 3D flying.

But rather then writing about it, it;s better if you try it.

Thunder 3D is offered at very attractive price, considering it's size and fact that it's a revolutionary design.

Right now it's available in two different color schemes.

Tech. Details and few points about this kit:

-price is set at 895 Euro, considering prefabrication of this kit.Because of this,a bit more work will be required by builder.

-Wings and elevators are fitted to fuselage, but all the bulkheads have to be installed ( instruction is provided), but there aren't too many of them.

-Engine- either gasoline 20 - 30ccm or electric motor 1700-2000W.

  • HACKER C50-10L-Acro-Comp, APC-E 20x8-20x10, 6s LiPol 4500 mAh min. 30C
  • HACKER A60-22S , Master SPIN 99 , Lipo 10s, 3700mAh  prop.APC 20x1
  • Plettenberg Xtra 25-12 Evo , JETI SPIN 99 ,Lipo 10s, 3700mAh, prop. Mejzlík 20x10E
  • AXI 5325/16 , JETI SPIN 99 , Lipo 6s, 4400mAh , prop. Mejzlík 22x10E

Gas engines : 3W28i, ZG26SC, DLE30 ...

Manual of assembly - HERE

Kit includes:

 All composite kit includes: foto

-fuselage,cowl, rudder, elevators, wings, canopy,landing gear, wheel pants, CNC engine mount, screws and bolts, CNC f/g control horns, c/f wing tube,instructions.

Kit is only available in two different paint schemes

How to order:   HERE you can download an order form for Thunder 3D.

It can be send back to us by fax or e mail.

When received by our office, you will be given a serial number and approximate date of delivery.

Also offered are some extra items.all are shown on order form:

  • special spinner
  • wing bags
  • wheels and tail wheel

Recommended servos:

  • Wings - 1 per aileron, digital,fast and at least 7kg ( 100
  • Elevators - only 1 servo is needed. At least 7kg ( 100, with metal gears. Attention: pull pull system is used for elev.control.
  • Rudder - 1 servo, digital and fast. At least 10kg ( 200

Shipping: We work with a very reputable shipping company, door to door service. In case of remote areas, your plane will be shipped to the closest international airport. All shipments are insured for 110% value.

Correct address and phone # is needed for fast service.

Packing: 1x cardboard boxes, total weight is 10kg ( 22 lbs ).

Scheda Tecnica

Lunghezza: 1.90m

Apertura alare: 1.92m  

Peso: 4,5 kg

Motorizzazione: 1,5-2 kW (25-30ccm)

Radio:  4CH/ 4 x servo 10 kg  

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